​​​​​   All About Love Australian Labradoodles Labradoodle Puppies

  • Complete the application and submit for review.  If we have a puppy that meets your requests, we will contact you to discuss further and answer any questions that you have for us.
  • Once we know puppies are on the way, we will notify those we have had conversations with and approved.  A $500 reservation fee should be submitted so a puppy can be reserved.  Reservations are made in the order monies are received. The reservation fee will be applied to the adoption fee of $3,000.00 for your puppy. Reservation fees are non-refundable unless it is received after the reservation list has closed. Reservation fees will not be returned because you changed your mind so if you think the timing may not be quite right or you have second thoughts on our allocation process, please don’t send the reservation fee in and potentially take a spot away from another family.
  • Review the information on our website to prepare for your puppy as you wait for the litter to be born. We have provided links to helpful videos and reading resources. Preparing in advance will certainly aid in a smooth transition for you and your puppy.
  • Typically within 48 hours of birth, we will email out a birth announcement, pictures and information.
  • Every two weeks we will post pictures on Facebook and the website.
  • Between 6-7 weeks of age we will do full assessments of the litter and send each family information on the puppy or puppies in the litter that suit all the criteria they are looking for. Please be aware, simply because you request a specific color and gender does NOT mean that there will be a good puppy option for you in the litter.  We highly recommend being open to any gender and color, as temperament must be a good fit for everyone.  If you don’t think this process works for you, please do not send in a reservation fee.
  • After the allocation process has been completed, an appointment with your vet should be scheduled within 72 hours of bringing your puppy home.
  • All About Love Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to select two puppies from every litter as potential breeding dogs for our program. Since our dogs are not career breeders and only have three or four litters, it is necessary for us to retain for the next generation of puppies.
  • We have the right to refuse selling a puppy to anyone for any reason at any point in our communication.
  • By 6 1/2 weeks of age the final payment for your puppy is due along with the signed Health and Welfare Agreement. Failure to submit either of these will result in the puppy being allocated to the next person on the wait list.
  • Puppies must be picked up on the date scheduled at time of their birth.


Reservation Fee and Process