All About Love Australian Labradoodles (“Seller”) agrees to sell an Australian Labradoodle puppy to ____________________ and _________________ of ___________________(“Buyer”) on the following terms and conditions:

A non-refundable reservation fee of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) has been paid by Buyer to Seller prior to the signing of this contract. That fee is applied to the Purchase Price.

Seller agrees to sell all right, title and interest excluding breeding rights which are retained by Seller in the Australian Labradoodle puppy (“Puppy”) known as All About Love's _________ with microchip number _____________________ for the purchase price of $3,000.00 plus New Jersey sales tax $198.75 minus the $500 Reservation Fee ($2,698.75) to be paid immediately upon execution of this Contract. 

Seller agrees to provide Buyer the following:

1. Veterinary checkup prior to leaving which will include first vaccinations and deworming.

2. Comprehensive health testing on all parent dogs.

3. Receipt of sale

4. 2 year Health Guarantee

5. Micro-chip insertion

6. Health Records

7. Information folder for Basic Puppy Care

8. Bag of dog food

9. Puppy toy with siblings and mom scent

10. Introduction to crate and potty training

11. Registration with ALAA - You must become a member with ALAA in order to transfer the registration papers into your name. Your purchase contract is not fulfilled until proof of de-sexing has been provided to us. ALAA paperwork will be transferred to Buyer once the contract has been completed and fulfilled.

Buyer agrees that dogs deserve to live a life free of abuse and neglect. To that end, Buyer agrees to never abuse or neglect Puppy or let puppy be abused or neglected.

Buyer agrees that:

Puppy will not be brought to an unprotected public place (i.e. pet store or dog park) in an unprotected manner until Puppy has completed Puppy’s full cycle of puppy vaccinations including, without limitation parvovirus, due to risk of contagious illness or death.

Puppy will not be allowed to use stairs until after 12 weeks of age as it has been shown to damage a puppy’s hips and could lead to orthopedic issues such as hip dysplasia.

Buyer will never hit Puppy or allow Puppy to be hit.

Buyer will never use or allow anyone to use electric shock on Puppy including, without limitation, a collar that emits an electric shock or electric fencing.

Buyer will not use COMFORTIS, TRIFEXIS, NEXGUARD or BRAVECTO on Puppy as these have been associated with illness and death, and the use of these products voids all health warranties set out herein.

Puppy will be given adequate food. Buyer will feed Puppy only a premium quality dog food with a 4.5* or better according to Dog Food Advisor. Most pet food sold in grocery stores does not constitute a premium pet food and are often recalled. We recommend Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage (not grain free) and the Earthborn Holistic Vantage as an adult.

Puppy will be housed indoors.

Puppy will be taken to a veterinarian for a check-up within 72 hours of taking possession of Puppy and at least once every twelve months and all preventative treatment recommended by the veterinarian will be provided. Buyer agrees to follow a regular schedule of all vaccinations (or titers) including rabies but never administer more than 2 vaccines in a one week period and rabies should never be given with any other vaccine. Buyer agrees to provide a monthly heart worm, flea and tick medication but NEVER give this medication within 7 days of receiving vaccines. 

Puppy will be provided veterinary care if Puppy is ill or injured.

Puppy’s outdoor play area will be safe and secure.

Buyer will provide Puppy with adequate daily exercise.

Buyer will not use a tie-out stake on Puppy or put Puppy a runner.

Puppy will not be allowed to run freely such that Puppy creates a public nuisance.

Puppy will not be allowed to run freely in any area in which it could come in contact with a motorized vehicle or dangerous dog or dangerous animal.

Puppy will not be allowed to live in poor health or unsanitary conditions.

Puppy will receive basic obedience training in an organized class before 6 months of age but it is recommended by 4 months of age or as soon as Puppy has been fully vaccinated or cleared by a veterinarian.

Puppy will not be subjected to strenuous, repetitive exercise such as long walks, jogging long distances, agility training, or prolonged activities where the Puppy has to jump to catch a frisbee or ball until after Puppy is over one year of age in order to protect Puppy’s long-term health and prevent orthopedic problems. 

Puppy will not be allowed to become overweight or undernourished.

Buyer will socialize Puppy outside the home during the first month that it is home in such a way that does not expose Puppy to disease. The Australian Labradoodle requires socialization outside the home but especially during the first month that it is home. Socialization is key to your dog’s mental stability. Do not take the Puppy to Petsmart or any pet store with a veterinarian on site.  Animals with illness are being taken through the store to be seen by the veterinarian.

If the provisions of the preceding paragraph are not met or if Puppy is otherwise abused or neglected:

Seller may repossess Puppy through peaceful means. All rights, title and interest in Puppy revert to Seller upon said repossession, and Buyer’s purchase price and reservation fee are forfeited.

To the extent allowed by law, all Seller’s warranties contained in this contract are void.

Puppy is being sold as a pet, and not as a breeding prospect for Buyer. 

Buyer agrees not to breed Puppy.

Buyer agrees to have Puppy de-sexed by a licensed veterinarian no later than reaching 6 months of age and to provide proof of de-sexing to Seller on or before 2 weeks following Puppy being de-sexed. A vasectomy for males and ovary sparing spay are recommended for Puppy’s long-term health. Proof will include Puppy's name, DOB, and microchip number on your veterinarian's letterhead.

Should Buyer breed Puppy, intentionally or unintentionally, Buyer shall be liable to Seller for liquidated damages of $20,000 per litter.

If Buyer fails to de-sex puppy as specified herein, Buyer will pay liquidated damages of $10,000.00 and all attorney fees.

Buyer shall pick up Puppy from Seller at 471 Lincoln Mill Rd., Mullica Hill, NJ 08062, on ___________________, at ___________________ p.m. If Buyer does not pick Puppy up at that time, Buyer will pay Seller $50.00 a day until Puppy is picked up. If Puppy is not picked up within 14 days of that date, then Buyer forfeits Puppy and the entire purchase price and reservation fee.

At Buyer’s request and at Seller’s option, Seller may personally deliver Puppy to Buyer for $250.00 per day plus all expenses paid in advance.

Seller will have Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to delivery of Puppy to Buyer. Nevertheless, if Buyer returns Puppy to seller within 72 hours of delivery, along with a certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian that Puppy was unhealthy at the time it was delivered to Buyer, then Seller will provide a complete refund of the purchase price and reservation fee to Buyer on return of Puppy in the same condition that it was in on delivery. Refund of the purchase price and reservation fee is the exclusive remedy under this term of the contract, and Seller shall not be responsible for any veterinarian bills, transportation expenses or other expenses incurred by Buyer.

Without limitation, this warranty does not include diarrhea due to stress or adjustment to a new food, improper bites, hernias, intestinal parasites, Giardia or Coccidiosis, any illness due to the ingestion, after delivery, of foreign objects, food, chemicals, physical injury, or any condition that is minor, correctable, or that will go away as Puppy gets older.  Further, without limitation, Seller is not responsible for hip or joint problems caused by strenuous exercise or obesity.

If it is discovered that Puppy has a debilitating genetic disease within two years of delivery to Buyer, Seller, on return of Puppy in good condition, will either replace Puppy or refund the purchase price at Seller’s discretion.

Determination of whether Puppy has a debilitating genetic disease shall be made as set out in this paragraph.

If Buyer believes that Puppy has a debilitating genetic disease, Buyer will provide Seller with all Puppy’s health care records and a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian that the Puppy has, in the professional opinion of the veterinarian, a debilitating impairment or disease that is genetic in nature, without any reasonable possibility of environmental causation. Seller shall have the right to have Puppy examined by a veterinarian of Seller’s choice. If Seller’s and Buyer’s veterinarians disagree as to whether the disease is a debilitating genetic disease, then those veterinarians will choose a third licensed veterinarian to diagnose Puppy, and that veterinarian’s diagnosis will be final. Refund or replacement of Puppy from a subsequent litter of Seller at Seller’s option is the exclusive remedy under this paragraph, and Seller shall not be responsible for any veterinarian bills, transportation expenses or other expenses incurred by Buyer.

A very common condition in Australian Labradoodles is base narrow canines (BNC). It usually resolves as the puppy ages. BNC is NOT covered under this contract except when the adult tooth is growing into the soft palate. If an adult tooth is growing into the soft palate, the cost of filing up to $100 will be refunded for each canine that is filed.

Without limitation, Seller is not responsible for any harm that comes to Puppy once in Buyer’s possession that results from carelessness, neglect, abuse, accidents, theft, heat related conditions, or electrocution.

Seller is not responsible for any injury or damage done by Puppy after Puppy is delivered to Buyer, and Buyer will hold Seller harmless if a legal action is brought against Seller for injury or damage done by Puppy after Puppy is delivered to Buyer.

Seller has made a reasonable judgment regarding the eventual size and adult coat of Puppy. However, as these are living beings, Seller does not guarantee the eventual size, adult coat and there is no guarantee of the eventual allergy-friendliness, degree of shedding or color of the coat at maturity. Australian Labradoodle coats may lighten (especially chocolates), darken or stay the same color. Likewise, coats may soften, or stiffen. 

Seller makes no other promises or representations to Buyer other than those set out in this agreement.

Buyer agrees to contact Seller immediately if any questions or concerns arise about Puppy, such as housing, diet, health or training. Buyer agrees to consult with Seller before any significant treatment is provided and agrees further to keep Seller informed of any significant treatment as it occurs. This provides Seller with an opportunity to follow up on puppies and gives Seller important feedback and information on the health or Seller’s dogs for future generations.

Buyer gives Seller the right to review Puppy’s veterinary records.

Buyer will return Puppy to the Seller immediately if Buyer can no longer look after Puppy at ANY point during Puppy’s life. Buyer agrees not to sell, re-home, or otherwise dispose of Puppy without Seller’s written consent. If Buyer attempts to sell, rehome, or otherwise dispose of Puppy without Seller’s written consent, all right title and interest in Puppy reverts to Seller and the reservation fee and purchase price are forfeited by Buyer and Seller may repossess Puppy. Seller agrees not to unreasonably withhold consent to re-homing Puppy.

The failure of Seller to require performance of any provision or to repossess Puppy shall not affect the right to require performance at any time thereafter, nor shall a waiver of any breach or default of this Agreement constitute a waiver of a later breach nor shall it be considered a waiver of the provision itself.

Buyer’s remedies arising out of or related to the purchase of Puppy and/or any warranties contained herein shall not exceed the purchase price and reservation fee of Puppy. All remedies are cumulative and once the full purchase price and reservation fee of Puppy has been refunded to Owner, for whatever cause, all warranties expire, and Seller has no further monetary obligation to Owner.

This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties.

If any provision of this contract or the application of it to any person or circumstance is invalid or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this contract and the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances shall not be affected, and the intent of this contract shall be enforced to the greatest extent permitted by law.

Any change to this contract must be agreed to in writing and signed by all parties.

This contract and any warranties set out herein are not transferable.

We have the right to refuse selling a puppy to anyone for any reason at any point in our communication. 

The jurisdiction for resolving any disputes between Seller and Buyer will be Seller’s State of residence, and the venue will be Seller’s county of residence.

Buyer ________________________________  Date_________

Buyer ________________________________  Date_________

Seller, By: _____________________________ Date________



Puppy Health and Welfare Contract

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