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Phone: ________________________________________________________

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Breed:________________________________ Birth Date:______________
Color: ____________________ Sex:________________________________
Sire: _____________________ Dam: ________________________________

Purchase price of puppy: $ 3,000
NJ sales tax of 7%  $ 210 

Non-refundable deposit: $ 500

Balance due two weeks prior to pick up: $ 2710

            ~Breeder Rights and Requirements~

                      ** All puppies are sold as pets only**

Breeder has the right to cancel / refuse sell at anytime and return deposit if the seller feels it is in the best interest of the puppy. 

Breeder guarantees the puppy that you are adopting to be healthy at the time of sale. All appropriate vaccinations for the puppy’s age have been given, and a record of vaccination history will be supplied to the buyer. We suggest you take this along to your first veterinary appointment.

Upon pick up of your puppy the Breeder agrees to provide the following:

1.    Veterinary checkup prior to leaving

2.     First shots

3.     Deworming

​4.     Comprehensive health testing on all parent dogs

5.      Receipt of Sale

6.      Health Guarantee

7.      Micro-chip insertion

8.      Health Records

9.      Information Folder for Basic Puppy Care

10.    Puppy toy with siblings and mom scent

11.    5 lb. bag of puppy food

12.     Introduction to crate training and potty training

13.     Registration with ALAA

Breeder guarantee’s eyes, hips, elbows and inherited genetic conditions up to the age of 24 months from date of birth. If your puppy is diagnosed by at least 2 veterinarians with having inherited illness, we will offer a refund of the purchase price of the puppy or a replacement puppy from a different breeding when available or vet bills incurred up to the purchase price of your puppy will be refunded.  We do not require the dog to be returned to us, however if you are unable to keep the dog due to the above health conditions, we will take the dog back and find/provide a loving home for it. You will be responsible for any shipping charges if applicable. **This guarantee applies to the original owner only**.

Although our multi-generational Labradoodles are generally non-shedding and hypo-allergenic, there is no guarantee a puppy will be non-shedding or hypo-allergenic.

Not included in this guarantee are health problems arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of the dog.
Buyers Rights and Requirements~

The buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after pick up / delivery. During this initial exam, should your veterinarian find anything seriously wrong with the puppy, you must contact us within this 72-hour time frame to return your puppy and receive a full refund or exchange for equivalent puppy if available. We do require a written statement that must be signed and dated within this 72-hour time frame from the examining veterinarian with the diagnosis in order for this guarantee to be valid. We do not consider external or internal parasites an illness, as they are common in puppies. At times, coccidiosis can be caused from stress of the new home/environment, this causes diarrhea, etc. If noticed, we recommend that the puppy should be taken to the vet asap. We do not guarantee against coccidiosis, since it is also common in puppies. All costs of the veterinarian exam are at your expense. 

It is important for the safety of your puppy‘s health that you do not take it to public places where other dogs may frequent, until it has received all of its vaccinations. Buyer should provide an environment that is conducive to the avoidance of environmental causes of Hip Dysphasia such as:

Do not allow your puppy to regularly go up and down stairs until he/she is one year of age. Avoid strenuous exercise such as jogging long distances, agility training, or prolonged activities where your puppy has to jump to catch a Frisbee or ball until he/she is one year of age.

Buyer must follow a regular schedule of all vaccinations including rabies and administer monthly flea, tick and heart worm medications. Keep your puppy’s weight within normal limits.

Buyer agrees that the puppy will reside at their home and will be an integral part of the family. This means you will give it love, interaction and training. This puppy will not be chained, tied or otherwise restrained in an unfenced or fenced yard. And if at any time the buyer no longer wants the puppy/dog, BREEDER will be contacted to help place the puppy/dog in a new home. At no time should this puppy/dog be surrendered to the SPCA, Humane Society, dog pound, rehomed etc. Seller must be contacted prior to this decision.

Not included in this guarantee are health problems arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of the dog.

The following are some of the conditions that will void this guarantee:

If the dog has been neglected, malnourished, or allowed to become obese

If the dog is sold or change in ownership.

The breeder’s Health guarantee is for 24 months from date of birth.

* Hips: We guarantee your puppy to have "normal" hips.  "Normal" as defined by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals as being Excellent, Good or Fair.  The dog's x-rays must be sent to the OFA for judgment and the statement confirming hip dysplasia sent to us.

* Eyes: The dog’s eye exam must be sent to the Canine Eye Registration Foundation for judgment and the statement confirming disease sent to us.

* Inherited Genetic Conditions: We guarantee your puppy to be free of inherited genetic conditions for 24 months from date of birth.  Should an inherited genetic condition be found, you must have confirmation by two veterinarians. To exercise your right under this guarantee, Owner must provide written proof that the dog has received reasonable veterinary care. The Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of our choice prior to replacement or refund.

By signing below, Buyer indicates that he or she has read this contract and fully understands its terms and agrees to be bound by this contract. Buyer also verifies to be at least 18 years of age.

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Co-Buyer’s Signature:   _____________________________________    Date_______
Breeder’s Signature: ________________________________________   Date_______



Puppy Health and Welfare Agreement

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